Dear CropMobsters:

We are saddened to share that the CropMobster community exchange website will close as of August 29th, 2020. Due to economic and other factors we are not able to continue providing this service despite the best efforts of many.

Together, since 2013, all of us in the CropMobster community have made a pioneering and impactful contribution to enhancing local food systems, reducing waste and supporting local economic development. To name just a few impacts over the course of our 7+ years:

Beyond the pounds or dollars though has been the new relationships formed, experiences gleaned and “witnessing the incredible” happen when community members are inspired to get involved and make a difference for others.

Our recent poem and video campaign Live to Share with Peter Coyote is the best articulation at this time for the values and guiding principles we hold dear and will continue to champion.

We extend our utmost and deepest thanks to you and the many engaged community members, teammates and partners who’ve contributed to the CropMobster vision. Too many to name or count! It has been a true honor and labor of love. We have no doubt that the lessons learned, innovations and solutions embodied in this effort will continue in refreshed and useful ways. And that’s what’s most important. Not a brand or technology, but the underlying mission. While the website may cease operations moving forward, my and other team member’s dedication, purpose and innovation towards improved communities and local food systems will continue.

Merced County Note: For community members associated with University of California, Merced you can continue to engage on social media and visit the following sites for updates.

Thank you,

Nick Papadopoulos
CEO & Co-Founder, CropMobster