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SoMar Farms


SoMar Farms is located on the Sonoma/Marin Border. We raise all natural, Grass Fed and Finished Beef and Lamb. We have two convenient pick up locations: The ranch in West Petaluma or Downtown Oakland. We are passionate about raising healthy, sustainable meat for our customers in an environmentally responsible manner. Our animals are raised fully on grass, never treated with growth hormones, never fed grain, corn or concentrates, and are 100% pasture raised, meaning they are never confined in dry lots or small areas. Although we are not certified organic, we do follow several organic practices. We also utilize holistic management methods. We use cross fencing to control where the animals graze and what impact they have on the land. Our creeks and ponds are fenced off to prevent destruction of sensitive areas, and we are frequently working on improving these areas by raising the creek beds and planting native species like willows to control erosion. When you buy our grass fed meat, you are only charged for the net weight, the take home product—as opposed to being charged for the hanging weight of the animal. We take pride in treating our animals humanely, using our livestock to improve the environment and creating a healthy, wholesome product. Check out our website for more information and pricing! somarfarms.com