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LeAnn / Delectable Garden


In 2013 I'd decided I'd had it with office jobs...so I quit (my very good job) and decided to dedicate my time to gardening and living more sustainably. Since then, my husband and I have acquired backyard chickens, and I'm growing year-round vegetables! So no we have wonderful fresh eggs and free, organic vegetables most of the time but I still needed to find a "job" that included the passion that sustains me. We encompass the "farm to table" movement using fresh, homegrown or locally grown food and I have also discovered the art of vertical gardens. I love covering walls and fences with gorgeous plants! Having moved to the country from San Francisco, I realized how difficult it was to have plants in the city, in a very limited space. Then I discovered vertical gardening for the home and patio! We offer our own line of indoor and outdoor vertical planters made from recycled plastic bottles. They help reduce the amount of plastic making its way to our landfills and oceans so you can feel great about buying them!

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