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Alert Guidelines

What can I post on CropMobster?

CropMobster is a community resource exchange platform.

Posts on CropMobster are referred to as “alerts”. Alerts can be posted by individuals and businesses like you, and are displayed on the CropMobster web app, distributed via email subscriptions and on social media platforms. When an alert is submitted to CropMobster, a Community Moderator located in your region will review and either publish or decline alerts.

To be approved by Community Moderators, your alert must be relevant to food, agriculture, community resources, local economy, health, environment or conservation and have a clear explanation of such in the alert’s title and/or body. Community Moderators may also hold an alert if there is information missing or needs further clarification.

Getting the most from your alerts

The best alerts have as much detail as possible. We've found this is what gets the best results using CropMobster. We also encourage giving a little more information about the origin of your products or the history of your business. And remember: good vibes go a long way!

What NOT to post on CropMobster

Moderators will check your alert to make sure that it:

does NOT trade non-resourceful items.
Moderators will approve alerts trading pretty much any item or service that is either practical, helpful to the community or natural environment, contributing to local economy, agriculture-related, food-related, handmade, locally-sourced, or can be up-cycled or used again, but CropMobster is NOT the place to get rid of your old TV, sports car or exercise bike. There are plenty of other great services out there for selling used goods online.

"Used beard trimmer"
"Wanted: Xbox 1 controller"
"Free leather couch set"
"Beanie Baby collection – great price"
"Toyota Prius – Like new!"
"Toyota Tacoma work truck"
"Hella huge empty wooden spools"
"Small Business Coaching online course"
"Benefits of a plant-based diet"
"Lambs for food or wool"

does NOT trade trade pets who do not work in agriculture.
For an animal to be posted for sale, trade, etc., you must include a clear agricultural purpose written in the title of the alert.

"Cute Pomeranian needs a new home"
"WTalking parrot wanted"
"Barn cat, great for controlling rodent populations"
"Guardian dog for sheep and other livestock"

Alert Types

CropMobster offers a wide selection of “alert types” that you can use to categorize your alerts. If you are wondering what type of post you’d like to create, here are some basic explanations:

  • For Sale
  • For Trade
  • For Free
  • For Rent
  • Wanted
    • All of the above alert types can be used for exchanging food and agricultural resources!
  • Event
    • Running a class on growing a garden or how to catch rainwater from your roof? Maybe there is a farmers' market or local crafts fair that you want to promote? The Event alert type is the place to go to market an upcoming event!
  • Job
    • Post a job for your small business or organization.
  • Resource
    • Post an alert with ongoing value for the common good – something that can be referenced again and again, like a recipe, best practice or thoughtful quote. Share a web page, book, video or organization with helpful information or training for your community.
  • Announcement
    • Inspire, promote, and share information publicly!
  • Thanks!
    • Show some gratitude for anyone or anything!

Alert Tags

Tags can be used to further categorize your alerts so people can find them. CropMobster allows you to select up to 5 tags for each alert you post. Below is a list of the alert tags available for each alert type:

  • For Sale
  • For Trade
  • For Free
  • For Rent
  • Wanted
    • Animals
    • Beekeeping
    • Beverage
    • Cannabis
    • Canned Goods
    • Commercial Real Estate
    • Compost
    • Dairy
    • Eggs
    • Equipment
    • Feed
    • Fiber
    • Flowers
    • Fruit
    • Grain
    • Labor
    • Land
    • Livestock
    • Materials
    • Meat
    • Medicinal
    • Mushrooms
    • Nuts
    • Pest Control
    • Plants
    • Poultry
    • Protein
    • Residential Real Estate
    • Services
    • Soil
    • Vegetables
    • Weed Control
  • Event
    • Class/Workshop
    • Conference
    • Fundraiser
    • Gleaning
    • Marketplace
    • Nonprofit
    • Pop-up
    • Volunteer
  • Resource
    • Article - Share links to articles or blog posts that could serve as a practical resource for CropMobsters everywhere.
    • Crowdsource – Find answers and recommendations by asking your community a question and sourcing public comments.
    • Data Source – Link to useful data sources and science papers.
    • How to DIY – Step-by-step guides to do-it-yourself chores.
    • Inspirational – Post a quote, poem, song, or image that may benefit others.
    • LOL – Make your community ROFL.
    • Multimedia – Post a video, map, or data infographic with helpful information.
    • Nonprofit – Post a link to an organization that offers public information or services that are beneficial to your community.
    • Practical – Share best practices and solutions to common problem.
    • Recipe – Share something delicious!
    • Reference – Share a link to useful reference materials, like natural remedies, gardening tips, or species identification.
    • Skills Training – Share your expertise! Some skills are a dying art. Here's an opportunity to keep a tradition alive and pass on practical skills to others.
  • Announcement
    • Action – Want to spark people to take action? Do you know of an opportunity to help out your neighbor or improve your community? Post an Action alert to get your community out there and act!
    • Crowdfund – Is your organization or someone you know running a crowdfunding campaign and they are looking to spread the word? The crowdfund alert type is perfect for raising awareness of your campaign and driving traffic to your funding page.
    • Donation – The donation alert type is perfect for those items you are not only looking to give away for free but want to give to a good cause. These alerts are perfect for searching for a school, farm, or business that you would like to donate products or services to.
    • Impact – Success stories are the best! Show the impact of an action and inspire your community to keep working toward a better world.
    • News – Share news and stories about your local community.
    • Emergency – In times of emergency, post relevant and up-to-date alerts to keep your community safe and informed.

What do I do if I think an alert breaks CropMobster's guidelines?

  1. Send the user that posted the alert a mindful message using the form on their alert page (see Message and Public Comment Guidelines below).
  2. Send CropMobster Moderators a message

Message and Public Comment Guidelines

When sending a message or commenting on an alert, please cultivate good vibes and always:

  1. Respect differences. Always use language that is mindful and respectful of varying opinions, lifestyles and cultures.
  2. Respect time. Be clear, on-topic and concise. Try to provide as many pertinent details as possible to reduce back-and-forth communications.
  3. Respect space. Unless it is relevant to a Wanted alert, please do not try to sell your product in a private message or on another alert’s public comments. Make yer own For Sale alert!

No bad vibes! If any of the above guidelines are not met, you may be blocked from using CropMobster. That would really suck eggs.