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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Does CropMobster Work?

    CropMobster is an exchange platform for trading food and local resources to build thriving, resilient communities.

    Alerts are posted by your local community. They may contain offers or requests in search of anything related to food, agriculture and community resilience.

    When alerts are published, they are available to everyone within your local community. They are also included in emails to thousands of CropMobster subscribers, searchable and shareable on social media.

    Community members can respond directly to any alert by sending a private message or leave a public comment directly on the alert page.

    Spread the love and share alerts with friends, family and your local community on Facebook, Twitter and email!

  • What opportunities does CropMobster create?

    The CropMobster Exchange platform is a way for people to interact with and enhance their local communities in a number of ways. In addition to trading food and agricultural resources, CropMobster can also come in handy as:

    • A platform for small farms, food businesses, makers and local organizations to market their goods and services directly to consumers
    • A place to find locally-produced goods and services.
    • A way to upcycle unused resources and useful waste.
    • A treasure trove of practical resources for backyard gardeners and farmers to learn more from their community.
    • A place to share disaster resources for when the shit hits the fan, like during floods, wildfires and alien invasions.
    • A safe place to share ideas and connect with your neighbors.
    • A happy place.
  • What’s the deal with food waste? Or is it wastage?

    The CropMobster Exchange platform started as a way to “connects the dots” to inspire community crowdsourcing to end food wast(ag)e, support hunger relief and increase revenue and exposure for small farms and food businesses. We became essentially a local food network that enables neighbor-to-neighbor sharing.

    Here is an overview of some of the problems with food wastagery, but remember – each of these problems, when looked at a different way, are opportunities to create value in your community:

    • 1/3rd of all food produced in the world is wasted and goes uneaten.
    • If food wastage were a country, it would be the third-largest emitter of greenhouse gases (GHGs), next to China and the US.
    • Nearly one billion people in the world are hungry and experiencing food insecurity.
    • Many small farmers and food businesses do not make money and have a hard time gaining authentic, affordable exposure for their brands.
    • 28% of all agricultural land globally is used to produce food that is wasted, leading to a tremendous waste of water, fertilizer and other precious natural resources.

    At CropMobster, we see each of these problems as an opportunity for transformation and value creation.

  • Create an Account (subscribe)
    • Sign up using your email address, Google account or Facebook account.*
    • Enter your ZIP code* and click Done!
    • After you create your account, you can update your profile with a bio and photo by navigating to My Account > Edit Profile.
    *Your location and email address will not be shared publicly or with third parties.
  • How do I edit my profile?
    • Login  to CropMobster.
    • Navigate to My Account > Edit Profile.
    • Spice things up with a personal bio and a photo!
    • Choose how frequently you would like to receive alerts via email: hourly, daily or no emails.
    • Your location, email address and personal information will not be shared publicly or with third parties.
  • How can I change how often I receive email alerts?
    • Login  to CropMobster.
    • Navigate to My Account > Edit Profile.
    • Choose how frequently you would like to receive alerts via email: hourly, daily or no emails.
    • You can also choose to receive Urgent Alerts (recommended) as well as News and Updates from CropMobster (also recommended).
    • Your location, email address and personal information will not be shared publicly or with third parties.
  • What are the guidelines for posting alerts?
    • When an alert is submitted to CropMobster, a Community Moderator will review and either publish or decline alerts.
    • To be approved by Community Moderators, your alert must be relevant to food, agriculture, community resources, healthy living, conservation or general happiness and have a clear explanation of such in the alert’s title and/or body. Community Moderators may also put an alert on hold if there is information missing or needs further clarification.
    • The best alerts have as much detail as possible. We’ve found this is what gets the best results within CropMobster. We also encourage sharing a little more information about the origin of your products or history of your business.
    • Posting alerts about animals: For an animal to be posted for sale, trade, etc, you must include a clear agricultural purpose written in the title of the alert. For example, “Barn cat, great for controlling rodent populations” or “Guardian dog for sheep and other livestock”. If it appears your alert is exchanging a household pet, your alerts will be denied. For example, “Cute dog or parrot that needs a new home”.
  • How do I create an alert?

    Anyone can publish an alert on CropMobster SF Bay by following the simple steps below:

    1. After youcreate an accountandlog in , click on the green Post Alert button.
    2. Please review What are the guidelines for posting alerts?
    3. Add a title and description of your offering or request
    4. Add a catchy, relevant image to your post to inspire people to click on it.
    5. Add a relevant tag or two or three to help people find your alert when they search.
  • Do I need to add an image?
    • Yes, an image is required.
    • Make sure you own the image or the image is royalty-free.
    • You can find free images by searching sites like Pixabay. However, please make sure the image accurately represents your offering or request, and do credit the photographer in your alert whenever possible.
  • How do I view all the alerts I’ve posted?
  • How do I edit an existing alert?
    • Login to CropMobster.
    • When viewing the alert page, click the green Edit Alert button.
    • In the Alert Editor, you have access to all the information you provided in your alert and can change this at any time.
    • You cannot change the Alert Type after submitting your alert. See What do I do if I need to change my alert type after it’s been posted?
  • What do I do if I need to change my alert type after it’s been posted?

    Unfortunately, you cannot change the alert type of your alert once it has been posted. This is because each alert type holds specific information that may not transfer to a new alert type (e.g. event date doesn’t exist in a Sale alert type).

    We recommend closing your existing alert and creating a new one if the alert type absolutely needs to be changed. Additionally, you can send a support request to have your old alert deleted if you don’t want it listed anymore.

  • How do I close an alert?
    • Login  to CropMobster.
    • Navigate to My Account > Edit Profile to see your history of alerts and click on the alert you would like to close.
    • Click the green Edit Alert button.
    • At the bottom the Alert Editor, click the red Close Alert button.
    • Let us know how your exchange went by sending us an email!
  • Why can’t I see any Alerts on the CropMobster home page?

    Try updating your search location settings, check your search filters, or try a new search.

  • How Does CropMobster Make Money?

    To date, our work has been funded by grants, social investment and support from CropMobsters like you

    Send us some PayPal love at [email protected]

  • Do You Have Any Questions?

    We’d love to hear from you! You can reach out anytime be sending us a message!

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  • Can’t find the answer to your question or issue?

    Send us a support request and our support team will get back to you as soon as possible!

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