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CropMobster TV: Arleen & The Farmory (Season 2, Ep 12)

Farms + Armory = FARMORY // Your Ammo for Better Health // Arleen Fotiu found the old National Guard Armory in Columbia, California. Then she got the farms and small businesses involved, and now they have the Columbia Farmory . A fantastic example of providing real food and economic security for an entire regional community and populace. Website: Episode Sponsor: Oak Park Sol Season Sponsor: UC California Division of Agriculture & Natural (#WEAREUCANR) Resources A Non-Profit Project in Collaboration with Food Tank: The Food Think Tank​ - Subscribe: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:

Join Nicky Bobby, host of CropMobster TV as he talks dirt with farmers, waste warriors, hunger relievers, and other good folks. For Season 2, Nicky Bobby is on an epic 58-county tour of California!

Nicky Bobby

Photo by: Karen Preuss

"Imagine that Michael Pollan & Alice Waters sat down for dinner with Larry The Cable Guy and that Dirty Jobs dude, Mike Rowe. That right there is CropMobster TV."

- Tim Furlong, Cattle Rancher & Redneck Yoga Instructor

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