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CropMobster 3.0 Release Has Arrived!

You helped us plant these CropMobster seeds in 2013 and together we cultivated something amazing!

On June 25th, we started rolling out the biggest update CropMobster has seen since its inception.

For just over a year, we have been hard at work rebuilding CropMobster from the ground up. We’ve taken the last 6 years of CropMobster experience and built a brand-new platform designed for a growing community.

One Homepage. One Community

CropMobster is available for folks everywhere! No longer will we have different community exchanges limited to specific geographies. The new site design will automatically find alerts near you!

Don't worry, everything you and your local community have posted will still be right there! Every alert, user, and links from social media will still be found and work like before!

The homepage has been redesigned to streamline and improve how you find food, resources, events, jobs, and so much more around you.

CropMobster will now show you the latest available within a 100-mile radius around your location. And this is customizable by increasing your distance or completely changing your location!

Streamlined and Simplified Alert Submission

We completely redesigned the alert submission page with a focus to speed up the process of getting your alerts submitted without any fuss.

While an image is still required for alerts to be posted, we no longer have image sizing requirements as our new image software will do all the work for you to ensure your images look great and fit into your alert.

Lastly, the level of information we used to ask for in order to publish an alert has greatly been reduced to only what matters most. We got a lot of great feedback from people and made some awesome improvements. We think you are going to love it!

Public comments and Cultivating Community

With the new version of CropMobster, we decided we want to encourage more community interaction and allow anyone to hold discussions on CropMobster.

You can now leave public comments and discussions on alerts! This is a great place to ask a general question, point people to resources, and engage with your community!

To ensure the health of our CropMobster communities, we allow anyone that is logged in can report comments if they feel it violates our code of conducts. All reports are looked into and handled by our CropMobster moderators as soon as they can.

We really look forward to seeing more open discussions and see how this new feature unfolds!

New Signup and Login Experience!

We have greatly improved our signup and login process by giving faster and easier ways to log into your account and get up and running with your community! No longer do you have to create and remember a password for your account!

Before we only allowed email/password logins. We have expanded your login options by allowing new users to sign up with their Google account for quick and easy signup/login!

In the future, we plan to offer more login options such as Facebook and Twitter.

Change your Location Any Time!

With the new CropMobster, it doesn't matter where you are located, whether that is in farmlands of Yolo County or the bustling city of Los Angeles.

To change what alerts you see and are emailed in our digests, you just need to provide the ZIP code you are interested in and CropMobster will take care of the rest!

Hourly or Daily Digest

For some time now we have allowed people several options in how they wish to be notified via email about the alerts posted in their area. This could be an email once a day, once a week, or an email the very second a new alert was published.

After talking with our community members and see how people prefer to get their alerts, we will now be offering Hourly Digest or a Daily Digest only.

If previously you were subscribed to immediate email alerts, you will be set to hourly so you still get your alerts as quickly as possible. The same goes for Weekly Digests, but they will be moved to Daily.

Feedback and Bug Reporting

Underneath everything, CropMobster is software, and no software is perfect! We have added a new way for you to easily send us any feedback, good or bad, to our CropMobster team on any page!

In the bottom right corner of every page, you'll see a red bubble with a face on it. Clicking that you can tell us how you experience has been and you can even use it to report anything that appears to broken!

This is a great way to help keep us in the loop about how CropMobster is doing and allow you to provide any input you may have!

Thanks for hanging in there and helping CropMobster grow with the flow!

– The CropMobster Team