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Young Livestock Guardian dog for sale

For Sale

My husband and I are facing age related health issues and need to significantly downsize. We are looking for the perfect home for our 8 month old livestock guardian pup. Alik is an Armenian Gampr who is wonderful with poultry, good with sheep (still too young to leave alone with lambs), kind to cats and very social with people and other dogs. He is beginning to show great guardian traits for his age, and will be an excellent partner in keeping your farm safe from coyotes, coons and nearly every other predator. He will reach mature working behavior around 1.5 years of age and until then will love joining you on chores and walking the property lines to learn where his responsibility lies.

Alik has excellent blood lines and comes from a long line of guardians. His body has excellent structure and he runs with grace and speed. He will likely mature to about 130#.and will be an independent guardian with intelligent decision making skills.

We are looking for a farm or homestead where Alik will have work (some predator population) and have room to work (5 acres or more is helpful, but can depend on the situation). We are very impressed with Alik's work ethic at this age, and want to provide the right environment for him to live a productive life.

If you are not familiar with these dogs, there are multiple Armenian Gampr facebook and web sites dedicated to sharing knowledge. The Gampr, like great Pyranees or Maremma, work with humans in a very independent partnership. Gampr are a land race breed which has been protecting livestock in Armenia for thousands of years. They are impressive, with lower than average food consumption, coats which shed mud when it dries, and intelligence which baffles me after 8 years of working with this breed.

I can only post one photo; please ask if you'd like more information and/or photos!

Price: $800
Tagged In: Animals, Livestock, Pest-control, Poultry
Posted ByNancy stash
Date Posted: 10/07/2019 @ 7:35 pm
Closed: 10/21/2019 @ 1:0 am
Posted In: Pope Valley, CA 94567

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