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Year around Farm Hand


We have 3 positions to fill!! This full time position at Kicking Bull Farms is year around.  We are growing bio-dynamic vegetables on a 4 acre peaceful & established farm.  We’re located in the heart of Carneros, we grow for 1 and 3 Michelin star restaurants in SF.  Growing tasteful heirloom crops that wow high end chefs is what makes us waking in the morning.

You must be interested in putting a honest days work in, harvesting the finest vegetables, weeding, transplanting, pruning, working with your hands, crating veggies to be delivered (you’d not deliver any veggies- the owner does this), Full time work (4-6 days a week– seasonal changes in start times and work loads, we only work 6 days when TOTALLY NEEDED), work life balance is important.

NO living or housing is or can be provided.  Hourly position based on work ethic and experience.   Coffee, all the veggies you need, sunshine and an unbelievable work environment are some of the benefits.


Job Title: Farm Hand
Compensation: hourly range from $14-$17 per hour
Company Name: Kicking Bull Farms
Posted ByWilliam Henpenn
Date Posted: 02/20/2019 @ 1:35 am
Posted In: Sonoma, CA 95476

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