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Wild Bee ID App and Website Launched!


The Center for Food Safety just launched the new Wild Bee ID app and website. The Wild Bee ID app identifies North American wild bees with striking photographs, both the scientific and common names of the bee, where they’re typically found, what behaviors they exhibit, and which floral resources will best allow different bee genera to thrive. Available on both iPhone and Android, the app also features guides on how to start a wild bee garden, bee nesting habits, and bee anatomy. Seventy percent of the plants we eat need pollinators to survive. Several species of wild bees, like the Patagonia and rusty patched bumblebees, have gone extinct in the last few years in part due to the decreasing diversity of our agricultural landscape and increased use of pesticides. Many other bee populations are dwindling by the day. They made Wild Bee ID with the hope that it will empower gardeners across the country to use the app to actively participate in the conservation of these vital pollinators. The more people that have access to Wild Bee ID, the better the future looks for bees. It’s not often that the average citizen can play such an important role in the conservation of a critical species.

Bees pollinate so many of our favorite plants, food, and flowers. Let’s return the favor by sharing the app and website online to pollinate the internet with the new Wild Bee ID app to help them survive and by downloading the app yourself. 

Go Wild!

Posted ByErin Meyer
Date Posted: 06/11/2019 @ 1:13 pm
Posted In: Merced, CA 95340

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