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Hiring Part-Time & Seasonal PROJECT MANAGER!


Do you enjoy the unique and brilliant combination of skills and experiences in education, leadership, and gardening deeply rooted in clean, kind and friendly practices? Do you value vibrant school gardens and have a passion for the mission of the School Garden Network? Are you excited and motivated about inspiring local teens to learn important life skills? Well if so, this is the perfect job opportunity for you!


The School Garden Network is seeking a Project Manager for a part-time seasonal position that will lead the collaboration, coordination and implementation of the Teen Apprentice Program and Water-Wise mini-grants.


Please view the details here. Watch last year’s video here.


Also, please help us find the perfect fit by passing this along to anyone you think has this talented skillset.

Job Title: Project Manager
Compensation: $26
Company Name: School Garden Network
Posted BySue Davis
Date Posted: 02/06/2019 @ 4:20 pm
Posted In: Sebastopol, CA 95473

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