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Watersong Summit Integrating Water Resilience Into Our Daily Lives | A Showcase of Solutions (Impact Hub Oakland)


The Sustainability Element Series presents the ‘Watersong Summit’ on January 17th at Impact Hub Oakland. This is a summit to showcase solutions and opportunities for integrating water resilience into daily life and business.

The Mission of the summit is to connect community members, local businesses, social impact organizations, policy makers and scientists around our relationship with the water cycle. Through a series of curated events, including a walking tour, panel sessions and live demonstrations, Watersong is a collaboratively designed experience to foster awareness, build connections and motivate water-conscious consumption.

We are a collective of community-based organizations serving the greater Bay Area through focus on sustainability, public engagement and local empowerment. We are committed to finding ways to better explore conversations around sustainability, to bridge gaps between science, policy, business and community, and to facilitate opportunities for connections that drive change.

Posted ByJohn Pomeroy
Date Posted: 12/21/2015 @ 1:0 pm
Posted In: Oakland, Ca 94612

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