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vegetable boxes and wire bound crates available

For Sale

Our family is cleaning out an old barn and we need to get rid of about 100 wire bound crates and about 300 grape boxes.  The wire bound crates are about 18 inches * 12 inches * 12 inches.

The grape boxes (sometimes referred to as an L.A. lug) are approximately 17 inches long * 14 inches wide * 6 inches tall.

We would like to get these containers to a good home … would hate to have to take them to the dumps.   Anything you could give us in trade would be appreciated, but our primary purpose here is to make space in the barn available for other items.


Thanks to all that were interested in the boxes and crates.  All of the items in good condition are now spoken for.  This offer has ended.


Price: $0.05
Tagged In: Other
Posted ByLarry Cuneo
Date Posted: 12/04/2018 @ 10:10 pm
Posted In: Petaluma, CA 94952

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