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Ultra-premium Pork Sale

For Sale

 Green Goose Farm in Cotati has two half pig shares available. This is the last of our ultra-premium pork, as we are ending pig operations. 

 The pigs are one of the oldest American breeds:  American Guinea Hog.  This breed came across the country with the covered wagon, and served as a cottage pig for homestead families.    The meat is tender, exceptionally flavorful and deeply marbled.
 This type of pork is valued for the fat, and a half pig will provide a family with quality fats for a year. Our pigs are fed no grain, and graze fresh grass with veg and milk supplement.  The fat is rich in Omega 3, CLA, and concentrated nutrients.  This fat improves overall health of the consumer, and is excellent for all your cooking. 

 Pigs are pre-sold as live shares. Slaughter will be mid-May 2019.  This is done humanly, and the meat sent to a local butcher in Cotati. 

 $4.99 per pound hanging weight for 1/2 pig. Estimated hanging weight is 70lbs for half.  This will yield approximately 50lbs wrapped meat from the butcher, depending on your cut instructions. 

 Payment to the farm for 1/2 pig is around $350. This price includes the slaughter and transport to the butcher, but does not include the butchering costs, e.g. cut and wrap, smoking and seasoning.  You will pay the butcher directly for those services. 

 To reserve, please email Roy at:  [email protected]
 Thank you!  

Price: $4.99
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Posted ByRoy Smith
Date Posted: 04/24/2019 @ 3:4 pm
Posted In: Cotati, CA 94931

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