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Thorn-less cactus pads for FREE

For Free

FREE  Thorn-less cactus pads. Great for fence lines, livestock feed, cactus gardens, fruit  and edible pads. Currently being pruned and left out on the street side.  1000's of pads....no limits on take. 24/7 all week til Nov 4th 5 pm.  Bring your boxes.....a pitched fork would help a lot....gloves.  PLEASE......do not email or pm.......it is out there for free! 516 W Q Street Rio Linda 95673

Tagged In: Feed, Fruit, Livestock, Plants
Posted ByNatomas Farm
Date Posted: 10/27/2017 @ 10:33 am
Posted In: 516 W Q St, Rio Linda, CA 95673Get Directions

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