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Thanksgiving - Brought to You by the American Farmer


Curious what the traditional Thanksgiving meals are around the country? Well, the USDA tells you all you need to know!

Image from Pixabay

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Posted ByRachel Dyckovsky
Date Posted: 11/26/2019 @ 9:19 am
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Melody Bold

6 months ago


I cook the turkey carcass on low heat for 24 hours to make a rich stock which I then freeze or can. Any vegetable scraps left on the plates or left from prep go into a bucket for either the chickens or the compost heap. What we can't eat within a couple of days either goes home with a guest or goes into the freezer for a future meal. We try very hard not to waste food.

Jacqueline Sernas

6 months ago


@melodybold that sounds like a great way to combat food waste!

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