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What a Fat Deal!!! Thanks to Tara Firma Farms from Estero Cafe!


A big thank you to Tara Firma Farms for sharing your pork fat and leaf lard on CropMobster! We applaud your generosity and the effort you made to prevent this 600 lbs of premium fat and lard from going to waste.

See original alert >> http://sfbay.cropmobster.com/alert/free-pork-back-fat-leaf-lard/

We are now turning a bunch of extra PREMIUM pork fat that just might have been landfilled into tasty french fries, onion rings and other deep fried delights at the Estero Cafe!

Here’s a picture of Ryan Ramey busy processing and rendering your beautiful surplus of fat into gorgeous rendered lard to fill our fryer. Clean delicious deep fried foods made with locally sourced oil!

Posted BySamantha Ramey
Date Posted: 03/12/2016 @ 3:2 pm
Posted In: Valley Ford, Ca 94972

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