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Seeking Land Caretaker – unit rental or trailer parking available


Seeking a person or couple to manage land or partner in the development  of a small sustainable farm in the Sierra foothills of Northern  California (7 acres in Butte county).
The property is being developed as a small-scale organic/permaculture  farm and heritage poultry operation. Successful candidate must be kind,  trustworthy, considerate, conscientious, organized, and have a strong  work ethic. You should be able to work well alone and with others to  accomplish all work and share our commitment to the stewardship of the  land, while appreciating the service needs and the challenges of living  on a rural property. Private housing is available for rent on site, or there is space for parking a trailer.
Poultry care, feeding and breeding
Bee hive care and management
Bee hive product production (honey, wax, etc.)
Fruit tree care
Pond care and maintenance
Gardening and landscaping
Land maintenance and management
Selling at local farmers market
Light building maintenance
Your own personal projects
Biochar production
Chicken poop fertilizer production
Furniture wood slab production
Mushroom cultivation
Aquaponics systems
Hay-bale gardens, no-till gardening
Your own ideas


Buildings and infrastructure:

12000 gal pond.
larmer/caretaker living unit is about 600’sq.
empty standalone building 30×8′ (electricity, no plumbing).
large 2 car garage used as workshop/storage.
chicken coop.
small animal shelter and run.


On-site housing description:

Living space is 40×15’. Bedroom,  kitchen, and a private bathroom with shower.  Partially furnished.  Gas  flame furnace in the bedroom.
*rent is negotiable

Photos of property here:





Posted ByDerek Leong
Date Posted: 04/02/2017 @ 1:29 pm
Posted In: Berry Creek, CA 95916

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