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Rice: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Kitchen


 Rice: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Kitchen   

Thursday, June 27, 6-8:30 pm  

With loads of soluble fiber and lots of good vitamins and minerals, rice is one of the world’s oldest and most nutritious grains. In this hands-on class, we’ll get to know a wide array of rice varieties and how to use them in everyday cooking. First, we’ll sample an assortment of long and short grain varieties, white and brown, and a few of the more exotic types like red rice and forbidden rice (the “Superfood” of rice). An understanding of the subtle differences in flavor will allow us to begin exploring ways to cook and eat these different varieties. Flavorful addition of spices and vegetables will launch us into world of different rice dishes including a risotto, Forbidden Rice salad, and dolmas. 

Instructor: Kate Helfrich 

 Price: $35 

Location: American River Ranch in the Farmhouse Kitchen, 2140 Chase Drive, Rancho Cordova, CA 95670 

Registration: https://soilborn.org/events/rice-kitchen-62719/  

Price: $35
Date: Thursday, Jun 27th, 2019
Time: 6pm to 8:30pm
Name of Location: Soil Born Farms
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