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Ranch Operations Manager for Erickson Ranch& Hands Full Farm


  Erickson Ranch // Hands Full Farm is a cattle and chicken egg operation, with on-ranch hay grown seasonally. We work with our animals hands-on and believe their welfare is paramount to our ranch. The chickens are tended daily year-round and the cattle are handled as needed and seasonally fed hay. We are currently looking for someone to support the sustainability of our ranch who shares our values.   

Job would include but not limited to:

  •  General ranch maintenance – field and electric fencing, corral infrastructure, animal shelters, wood cutting 
  • minor plumbing and electrical 
  • tractor work; erosion control, weed/thistle control; fire suppression mowing 
  • chicken feeding and watering; turkey feeding(seasonally), cattle feeding(seasonally) 
  • egg gathering; egg washing and packing
  • occasional livestock handling and chicken butchering ·  
  • farmers markets 
  •  hay cutting and baling; hay hauling (on ranch)  

  Qualifications for this job are: · 

  • Available to work on Sundays ·
  • Passion for ranch viability and food security  
  • Profound interest and care for livestock 
  • Have safety awareness 
  • Proactive to work independently · 


  • Minimum 3 years of employment working on a ranch or farm with animals or equivalent work/life experience  
  • Interest and ability to participate in processing birds (chicken/ turkey) for meat on premises.  · 
  • Lift 50-75lbs 
  • Good hand-eye coordination 
  • Ability to operate and maintain hand tools, power hand tools and gas powered cutters: chainsaw, weed whacker 
  • Experience with and comfortable using tractors for basic work 
  • Ability to drive manual transmission pickups and pull a trailer ·    

  Compensation The base rate of pay is $17 per hour, however we would welcome those who have more experience and would be willing to negotiate a higher base rate DOE. Additional compensation may include housing and an opportunity for a full-time and  salaried position. Housing will be negotiable and available after a 2 month trial period.   

How to Apply   We look forward to hearing from like-minded individuals who share our passion for agriculture and a deep need to preserve this heritage.  Please email a resume and cover letter explaining your interest in the position and how it relates to your personal vision.   We will be reviewing resumes and, if you sound like a match, we will be in touch as soon as possible. The position will be open until filled.    

Please email resumes and cover letters to: [email protected]  Please have attached files as a PDF and include your full name and a phone number where you can be reached.     

Job Title: Ranch Operations Manager
Compensation: $17/per hour
Company Name: Hands Full Farm
Posted Byanna Erickson
Date Posted: 06/21/2019 @ 4:9 pm
Posted In: Valley Ford, CA 94972

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