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Pasture Raised Heritage Pork from Takenoko Farms

For Sale

Butcher ready  hogs- 170+ hanging weight. 1/2’s or whole available. $4.00/lb hanging weight payed to us. Harvest fee and delivery to Buds or SOCO meats included. You pay for cut and wrap to butcher.

Heritage cross breeds. Large Black/Berksire/Eurasia. Hogs rotated on pastures and fed daily doses of veggies/fruits and bread. Diet also consists of Tempeh and brewer/distillery grains. All feed gleaned within 2.5miles of the farm. Our hogs eat local and no antibiotics or hormones are used on them.

We ate some chops Sunday night. They were fabulous. The meat was so excellent. Working with y’all was so easy. You were friendly, responsive and answered calls and questions from someone who had never bought a 1/2 pig before. One day, when my freezer is empty, I look forward to buying from you again.” 

Thank you


Takenoko Farms

Price: $4
Tagged In: Animals, Livestock, Meat
Posted ByJeremy Gotelli
Date Posted: 05/02/2017 @ 10:32 am
Posted In: Windsor, CA 95492

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