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Part time farm help wanted


Seeking part-time help for small family homestead in west Petaluma. We are looking for someone who is responsible, hard working and willing to work along with us initially and ultimately independently. Experience with farm animals a plus. Approximately 8 hours a week at $15.00 per hour. Work day schedule to be agreed upon when hired. Responsibilities are varied and will include: Cleaning Stalls, weeding, Moving straw, alfalfa, and animal feed (heavy work)
Mulching / shoveling, Operating farm equipment including tractor, sit down mower and weed wacker, work with owners on maintenance and building projects, and work with owners on seasonal pond maintenance.

Applicant must:

have a valid California driver’s license

be able to lift and carry up to 50-60 lb, kneel and bend. This is a physical job and you need a strong back!

climb 8 foot ladder

have some English speaking ability

not mind getting dirty and wet

be comfortable with farm animals

We would love someone with experience but open to fast learners. There  will be a trial period of two months to determine if the fit is right. To apply: please email your resume or job experience with 2 job references to [email protected]. For questions please call Steve at 510-757-7991.

Job Title: Farm help
Compensation: $15.00 per hour
Company Name: Family farm
Posted ByDiane Foti
Date Posted: 02/18/2019 @ 12:13 pm
Posted In: Petaluma, CA 94952

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