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Organic Farmer and Property Manager


The farm and surrounding property, located near the town of Sonoma, consists of 33 acres total, with less than 2 acres under cultivation at any given time. The owners have a homesite on the property and are part-time residents. Organic certification was conferred by the CCOF (California Certified Organic Farmers) in 2013.
Position Summary
The owners seek to hire a full-time farmer to handle all farming activity on the property. In addition, this individual will assist the owners—including serving as their surrogate when they are not onsite—relative to the management and maintenance of buildings and grounds.
Farming Activity
o  Plan (with owners), plant, maintain, and harvest seasonal crops
o  Maintain existing fruit trees and harvest fruit when ripe
o  Pick/arrange flowers for owners from flower garden
o  Manage chicken flock, clean coop, collect eggs
o  Make weekly deliveries of produce to owners’ home in San Francisco
o  Maintain relationships and paperwork associated with occasional customers
o  Work alongside and supervise farm hand and hourly labor if/when engaged
o  Keep track of supplies and equipment
o  Handle paperwork and inspections associated with CCOF certification
o  Maintain farm site, barn, shed, and greenhouse as tidy and orderly

Management and Maintenance of Building and Grounds
o  Serve as onsite contact for service providers in owners’ absence
o  Perform minor caretaker tasks as appropriate
o  Alert owners to any issues that may require maintenance/repair
Desired Experience and Skills
o  Experience and expertise with organic farming, crop cultivation, and related equipment
o  Possesses handyman skills and able to affect minor repairs as needed
o  Computer literate with access to email
Other Desired Candidate Characteristics
o  Self-starter and proactive in looking out for the owners’ interests
o  A “people person,” comfortable with maintaining customer contacts
o  Shares the owners’ enthusiasm for the environment, sustainability, and animal welfare
o  Lives within a short distance of the property (housing not provided)
o  Interested in a long-term employment commitment
o  Has a valid driver’s license and vehicle
o  Nonsmoker


Job Title: Organic Farmer and Property Manager
Compensation: Commensurate with experience
Company Name: Little Paradise Farm
Posted ByMark Schlesinger
Date Posted: 02/13/2020 @ 10:2 am
Closed: 03/18/2020 @ 1:0 am
Posted In: Sonoma, CA 95476

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