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Olive trees for sale — high quality table olive varieties | cure your own olives with just water and salt

For Sale
Thank you. This alert is now closed. All trees that I offered have been sold. Thank you. Olive trees for sale, $30 per tree. All these trees are in 5-gallon pots, 3-4 ft high, healthy and well developed, grown with zero spray and no chemicals of any kind. All these varieties are  very high quality table olives with large fruit size, very difficult to  find in retail. Cured olives like these are sold in high-end supermarkets for $10/pound. If you grow these olive trees you can cure your own olives with just water and salt — make them 100% organic! If planted this spring, these trees are likely to produce their first crop next year. Only 10 trees (two trees of each variety) are available now: Amphissa (2 trees) Ascolana Tenera (2 trees) Bella di Cerignola (2 trees) Itrana (2 trees) Lucques (2 trees) Pick up in Tracy, CA or can deliver within area. Also can deliver to CRFG scion exchange in Santa Rosa on Jan. 28. Cash only.
Price: $30
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Posted ByConstantin Brif
Date Posted: 01/26/2017 @ 4:9 pm
Posted In: Currier Dr, Tracy, CA 95304Get Directions

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