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Napa Beef

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Local Grain Fed Beef For Sale


Our Angus steers are born and raised in Carneros.  We are committed to providing our steers with a high quality of life, allowing them to live in an open range pastured herd and use only low stress animal handling practices. 


The steers are pasture raised and then finished on organic alfalfa hay and grain for 60 days prior to harvest.  Steers are harvested onsite with minimal handling and are then delivered to Browns Valley Market in Napa for aging, cutting and wrapping.  


Steers are $5.00 lb and are priced on their hanging weight, which is typically 800-950 lbs.  Price includes the steer, harvest costs and delivery to Browns Valley Market. Buyer is responsible for the Market’s fees for aging, cutting and wrapping, which are about $1/lb per hanging weight.


Deposits of approximately 50% of the final cost are required, balance is due after harvest, prior to picking up the finished meat at the Market. Steers are available in whole, ½ or ¼ shares.  A ¼ share will be cut and wrapped using standardized instructions. Buyers purchasing either a ½ or whole steer can work directly with Browns Valley Market for complete customization of the cuts.


The next harvest is October, the beef will be ready at the Market in November.


Deposit Costs:

¼ - $500        ½ - $1,000        Whole - $2,000


Payment accepted via check, PayPal or Venmo

For more information or to place an order contact Kristina Muelrath [email protected]  707-815-5021

Price: $5
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Date Posted: 08/25/2019 @ 1:43 pm
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