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Loveable Mangalitsa Mix Piglets - Great for Land and Delicious

For Sale

Well loved, farm raised piglets from our biodynamic farm and homestead. We have many piglets, male and female, ranging from 3 days old to 3 months. Older males have been neutered.

We have butchering facilities at the farm and are able to prep animals for Custom Meat consumption. Please get in touch for specifics.

Our pigs have been raised for their natural grazing abilities and for their flavor, since Mangalitza is some of the most flavorable pork meat you can find.

During their time with us our pigs are well loved and well fed. They come from a happy home and are the cuddliest pigs you'll ever meet.

Email me with your name and phone number if you are interested and I'll give you a call back. Pigs are available for pickup only.

We're asking $150 per piglet, and $125 per piglet if you want 5 or more.

Breed Info:

• 1/2 mangalitsa 1/2 potbelly-guinea.

We wanted the flavor of mangalitsa and the more docile breed of Guinea.
They are amazing grazers. All older males are neutered.


• They are natural grazers, if you want a no-till approach to farming. The Mangalitsa pigs are great for that — they like to forage, dig for grubs, they don't wait around for you to feed them.

• They also make delicious roasters (sucklings). We recommend that people supplement their pastured pigs with barley or wheat, but not corn or soybean, because it can taint the beautiful white fat, which you don't want.


• at 13–14 months: 180–200 kg
• after fattening: 200–300 kg
• maximum: over 500 kg;


• $150 / each

• $100 / each if you take 5 or more.

  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

This is a helpful article about Mangalitsa breed pigs.

Price: $150
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Date Posted: 02/10/2020 @ 12:0 pm
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