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Looking for a tiny piece of land for a tiny home!



I’m looking for a quiet place to put a shed tiny house in a countryside backyard in Sonoma County, preferably close to Petaluma or Santa Rosa.

The size will be 10 * 12 feet or 8 * 16 feet for a pad site to put it.

I am French, peaceful, friendly and appreciate community meals. I work at a local restaurant in Bodega Bay and the rest of the time from home. I have an organic and minimalist style of life.

My tiny house will have a composting toilet in it and a small bathroom. I will need power from an extension cord from the main house, water that I can recycle in the garden, and wi-fi.

I can help you with the house and garden chores, if wanted. I am open to do house/plant/animal watching/care, pets and farm animal, house sitting/elder care and free healing sessions.

I can trade work or pay you rent for your backyard, up to 400/500$.

I am attaching pictures of what my tiny house shed will look like.

Looking forward to meeting you!

510 501 3290


Posted ByCecile Marie
Date Posted: 02/05/2019 @ 8:47 pm
Posted In: Santa Rosa, CA 95407

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