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Livestock Protection Tools for California Ranchers


Check out this publication that helps producers evaluate livestock protection tools that may fit their site-specific needs. Much of the research on nonlethal livestock protection tools has been conducted outside California.

Image provided by pixabay.

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Posted ByJacqueline Sernas
Date Posted: 05/21/2020 @ 4:32 pm
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robert nellessen

3 months ago


Hi Jacqueline and compatriot farmers. I bought Guardian dogs for my vineyard and my neighbor's sheep. No depredation since. I bred my wonderful Akbash-Maremma mother and had 9 beautiful puppies. I kept 2 and my vineyard friend took 2. Craigs List blacklisted me from offering the remaining 5 to shepherds and vineyard owners. Logic and facts did not prevail. Even with a 96% effective rate, Guardian Dogs are Verboten in the Craig's List world. Too Bad. Thankfully I found wonderful homes through Cropmobster for the remainder. Vineyard Bob

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