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Join Our Cannabis Farming Program || Sonoma County, DA & LEA Zones Only


SomaRosa Farms is looking for family farmers and landowners with qualifying parcels to participate in our Community Cannabis Farming Program for 2019 and beyond.

Our vision is to harness California’s legalization of cannabis to be a positive force that helps empower sustainable food production, local agriculture and solutions to other community challenges.

We are particularly excited to collaborate with family farmers interested in: solid additional income from the cannabis sector, staying focused on diverse, local food/ag production, and having peace of mind that a professional cannabis management company is doing everything else.

Important Note: Unfortunately we can only work with Sonoma County parcels DA and LEA only

What’s the Zone for Your Parcel? Using your address or APN number please use this site provided by the County of Sonoma:


How It Works

  • You provide qualified one acre or less plots into a contract with our our network for farmers.
  • You get paid excellent and consistent monthly revenue and others take responsibility for all other aspects from permitting and compliance to security, insurance and more.
  • As a cannabis management company we organize the farming similar to a professional vineyard or orchard management service.

Our Focus & Criteria

  • Partners: We are looking for reliable partners with available farming land
  • Zoning: Properties zoned for legal cannabis cultivation and permitting (Example: Sonoma County Zones: DA, LEA – See Ag Commissioner Zoning Page ).
  • Existing Farms & Food Production: Major bonus if you are committed also to growing food for our community!!! As much as possible over the long term we want this program to deliver a positive impact for small farmers who want to earn solid, dependable income stream while continue supplying food and other agricultural products to the local community.
  • Growing Conditions & Infrastructure: Qualifying operations will have great cannabis cultivation conditions with plenty of sunlight and good soil. Locations with existing infrastructure will earn a premium. However, we are also willing to invest in infrastructure for the right partners and properties.

Let’s Grow Together – Please Contact Us!

If your land is zoned DA or LEA and you are interested in this opportunity please message us with a description of interest.

Important: Please include phone #, address and if possible zoning/parcel number of your property.

For inquiries that meet our initial qualifications we will then reach out to you to schedule face-to-face meetings, discussions with other farmers we are already collaborating with, and tours of your land (as well as our facilities).

Thank You.

Melissa Huynh

SomaRosa Farms

Posted ByMelissa huynh
Date Posted: 06/11/2019 @ 12:18 pm
Posted In: Santa Rosa, CA 95407

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