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Join Match.Graze for Landowners, Grazers // Prevent Fires - Pls SHARE!


Are you a California landowner who needs grazing services? Or are you a grazer or grazing service looking for grazeable land?

The Match.Graze* program connects landowners to grazers, those who bring their animals on property to perform vegetation management service.

Match.Graze is a win-win way to prevent fires while supporting local farmers and ranchers, improving the soil and more! Open to anyone in the State of California.

→ Learn about the program here!
→ Landowners sign up here! 
→ Grazers sign up here!

Please SHARE this alert with your community and any grazers or landowners you know!

The more landowners and grazers involved in this program, the more resilient and fire-safe our communities become!

*Match.Graze program is developed and managed by UCCE Sonoma/Marin

**SuperGoat Image designed by CropMobster artist Robin Livingston. Thanks Robin!

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