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High-Quality Katahdin Sheep | Mention CropMobster Get 10% Off

For Sale

High Quality Katahdin Sheep for Sale

Golden Rabbit Ranch is selling Ewe lambs, Ram lambs, and adult Ewes.

Golden Rabbit Ranch is a small permaculture farm in th hills above Cazadero. Our sheep are 100% pasture raised, non-certified organic. This flock is managed as part of a local fire management strategy, grazing around homes and driveways to increase defensible space in case of fire. To maximize their effectiveness we move them every couple of days.

Katahdin are a low maintenance heritage breed hair sheep with some of the highest quality meat.
They require no sheering or tail docking are parasite resistant and are great for weed control.

Our sheep come from a variety of bloodlines throughout the US. All of our sheep are QR or RR scrapies resistant. They are great mothers and need no help lambing.
You can choose between registered breeding stock($350) and unregistered wethers ($250) animals.

We sell individuals or can build a small flock for you.

If you need them delivered we can do that too for a small fee.

Say you found us on Crop mobsters we will give you 10% off the sale price.

Thanks Cropmobster for working with us small farmers and getting the word out!

Posted ByHaplo Ghan
Date Posted: 05/23/2016 @ 5:45 pm
Posted In: Cazadero, Ca 95421

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