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Handmade, Tree-Free, Fair Trade Journals and Other Paper Products From Nepal Make Wonderful Birthday or Christmas Gifts

For Sale

Hi Fellow CropMobsters,

This is more than just another ad trying to get you to buy something.  It’s the last phase of a commitment that has lasted almost 25 years.

NepalesePaper.com is a small local company based in Penngrove. For  nearly 25  years now we have been selling Handmade, Tree Free, Fair  Trade paper products from Nepal. All the while, lifting hundreds of  women and families out of poverty while supplying folks with high  quality, handmade products.

Every time one of our products gets used, be it a journal, stationery set or greeting card, a tree doesn’t have to be cut down to make a tree based product. Also, every time one of our products gets bought, a family in Nepal gets a little more self sustaining. Leaving the trees in place, on the mountain side is reason enough to support these women’s cause.

Check out the website, I’m local, so if you see anything you like, get in touch with me and you’ll get your order filled quickly. As for the $5 price, in order to post an ad, you have to put in a price. Our small journals start at $5, so that’s what I put in the ad.

Keep me in mind for your Holiday Shopping needs. This time of year is  a big part of what keeps us in business year round. I’m happy to answer  any questions you might have, or if you want to call just to say hi, you can do that too.

We also do custom work of all types, logo’ed products for corporate  gifting and giveaway’s. We also have awesome hand blown, Fair  Trade stemless wine glasses, water glasses, and shot glasses in boxed,  (tree free boxes), 4 glass sets.

All the best… Chuck Pinnow, Founder.

www.NepalesePaper.com 707.665.9055

Price: $5
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Posted ByChuck
Date Posted: 11/08/2018 @ 12:22 pm
Posted In: Penngrove, CA 94951

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