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Growing food for Friends and Family


Hi Cropmobsters!
During this time of uncertainty, especially around food, I want to challenge our amazing community of growers, gardeners, and farmers to grow a little extra for your friends, extended family and neighbors. Let’s meet this challenge together, and spread the love by helping to feed our community. Plant, plant , plant!!!
Much Love,

Posted ByGlenda Droguett
Date Posted: 03/23/2020 @ 7:16 pm
Posted In: Everywhere

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Edward McCutchan

5 months ago


Great announcement. Side Road Farm has been planting row crops the past week. Stay safe. Support CropMobster.

Melody Bold

5 months ago


My father-in-law is an amazing gardener and we plant as well. We plant different things from each other and share between the two families. If I have extra, I either jar it, freeze it, or share with the neighbor over the back fence. This is the way people used to do things.

Vicki Ransbottom

5 months ago


I just have a small backyard garden and I am but one person in my household. Still, I plant enough to share ALWAYS! My neighbors will enjoy my lettuce, peas, tomatoes, zucchini, bell peppers of many varieties, onions, potatoes and herbs that I started last week.

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