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It’s Tea Time Tuesday!
Bring life back to your soil with our FREE Compost Tea!
We brew custom compost tea in-house that is AVAILABLE FROM 10 AM – 4 PM every single TUESDAY
Bring your own container and we will gladly fill it with a few gallons of our premium compost extract that is bursting with beneficial microbes and probiotics plants need for optimal health.
We give out 3 gallons free per person.
Come check out our complete line of biologic farm and garden products:
Biologic Crop Solutions
13 W 3rd St
Santa Rosa CA 95401

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Date Posted: 09/09/2019 @ 10:6 am
Posted In: Santa Rosa, CA 95401

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Marcy Greeley

9 months ago


Hello, Thank you for your offer of free compost tea on Tuesdays...so kind of you! BTW, the directions posted on CropMobster is showing your OLD location (on Sierra Vista Rd)...it does not show your new location -- on 3rd Street. You may want to let the CropMobster website manager know about that.

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