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Farming Family Seeks New Home


Looking for month to month/long term lease for house rental in the country. We will also consider the possibility of being able to rent/lease land that allows a yurt/tiny house.

References Available :)

Garden Space/Acreage :)

Early August-Mid August

Family of four and one dog

(Lots of experience with Solar/Off-grid Living, Animal husbandry, Market farming, Landscaping and more. We want to grow food for the community and are currently growing a summer garden :) Photos of previous gardens available (Mendocino/Sonoma Coast/Anderson Valley)

Early-Mid August

Thank you :)

Tagged In: Land
Posted ByL&J Belna
Date Posted: 08/13/2019 @ 4:33 pm
Posted In: Mendocino, CA 95460

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