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expired but probably still good ORGANIC vegetable seeds like Pepper, Armenian Cucumbers, melon etc.

For Free

organic cuccumber tons of it 2009
musk cantaloupe 2015

tomato , garden peach 100 seeds , 2011

not certified organic but probably organic
Melon, Golden Jenny 2015, 50 seeds by Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

and many more
I'm saving the lettuce seeds, for myself, I can't spare that many

I am in Santa Rosa

I can meet in Downtown Santa Rosa 11:45 or 1:15pm

Olivers in Santa Rosa anytime
Oivers in Cotati, mostly after 3pm

all free

all I ask is pls donate something to Cropmobster, this is a free service that's great for the community

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Posted Bysunny o
Date Posted: 06/29/2020 @ 12:14 pm
Posted In: Santa Rosa, CA 95407

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