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Dorper x Katahdin Breeding Ewes

For Sale

Dorper x Katahdin hair sheep flock for sale: 2 proven ewes, 1 yearling ewe, 2 ewe lambs. This cross breed is known for it’s high natural disease and parasite resistance. High desert genetics so they’re incredibly hearty. Both extreme cold and extreme heat tolerant. There’s genetic diversity between them with 3 different ram fathers. All 5 ewes were born on our ranch. We moved 3 oldest here from Colorado in July and they’ve been healthy/happy and two had ewe lambs this fall. We have a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI) from July. The flock was scrappy tagged by the USDA at the same time. They have two seasonal heats one in Spring and one in Fall and usually have multiples so some of our ewes are giving us 4+ lambs per year per ewe. They’re easy birthers and great mothers, usually just wander a little away from the flock and drop a lamb or two on pasture and produce plenty of milk to care for their babies. Great graziers, used to thriving on low quality pasture as they were used to regenerate unimproved pastures. They have been great sheep and very productive for us. Hair sheep don’t produce any lanolin therefore the meat is very tender and doesn’t ever get that muttony flavor no matter how old or big they get. They also don’t need to be sheared, they shed out every year. Super friendly, people socialized. Come when called. Have been holistically managed. $800 for all 5 ewes.

Price: $160
Tagged In: Animals
Posted ByMt. Barnabe Farm
Date Posted: 02/13/2019 @ 1:43 pm
Posted In: Lagunitas, CA 94938

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