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Dairy for rent in the town of Bodega


Fully certified dairy in the town of Bodega with milk parlor, cheese room, aging room.   Many dairy start-ups began by renting out our plant and then going on to establish their own operation such as St. Benoit’s Yogurt, Bohemian Creamery, Daphne creamery and Nimble and Finn Ice cream.  You will have to bring in your own milk.   We have a 50 gallon vat, and 150 gallon storage tank so an enterprising couple could get a start here, and then go on to be involved in other parts of our operation.   If this is of interest to you, call Patty (707)799-6470.

Posted ByPatty Karlin
Date Posted: 03/22/2019 @ 3:27 pm
Posted In: Bodega, CA 94922

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