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We want to dish out a big serving of thankfulness to Sally and Mike Gale of Chileno Valley Ranch. They dig in and support the community, using this tool called CropMobster in countless ways: from creating community alerts searching for volunteers for their Fall U-Pick Apples and Pears Days, to selling their grass-fed beef and lamb and buying bees from fellow beekeepers.

They also take a darn good care of their land, livestock, and the diverse habitats on their ranch. Check ’em out at http://mikeandsallygalebeefranch.com/ and find out when you can go and get your boots dirty on their ranch, get some premium local food for the dinner table or even get married in style!

It’s folks like Mike and Sally who help make the CropMobster fam so special. Thanks a bunch!

Posted ByCropMobster
Date Posted: 05/29/2019 @ 6:45 pm
Posted In: Sebastopol, CA 95472

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