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Big Sale on Frost Cloth/Protection for Plants

For Sale

Our frost cloth vendor missed our requested ship date of December 15th for our supply of frost cloths.
Our frost cloths just arrived almost in time for Spring.😢
Their mistake is your value!
We are closing out these great first quality frost cloths at 40% Off
40% OFF!!!
Two styles to choose from
A "Fitted Jacket" Reg.$11.99 Now $7.20
A 10'x12' Cloth. Reg.$14.90. Now $8.99
Crazy Right?
We still could have additional frost days ahead.
Get yours while you can.
Frost cloths provide more insulation, are breathable, and can be left on for several days without the sun injuring a plant during the day.

Price: $7.20-$8.99
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Posted ByBrad Parkinson
Date Posted: 01/13/2020 @ 8:56 am
Posted In: 1007 Tahoe Street, Merced, CA 95348, USA, Merced, CA 95348Get Directions

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