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Pure bred black angus steer locally raised in Sebastopol. All of our cows graze on natural grass pasture with no antibiotics, or growth hormones. I have one steer left who will be ready for next early spring harvest. He will be 16-20 months of age and approx 1200-1400 lbs at time of harvest. I can sell him as half a beef or as whole. Approx hanging weight for whole beef is 650-800 lbs, price per lb is 3.00$. Your beef will
be custom cut,wrapped, dry aged and paid directly to the butcher, 1.00$ per lb. Our steers are harvested on site with minimal and stress free handling, the cost for the ranch kill is 150$.We ask for a down deposit of 750$ for whole steer and 500$ for half to lock your order in and then pay the rest at time of harvest. You can call or text me at 707-495-8048

Price: $3.00
Tagged In: Animals, Livestock, Meat, Protein
Posted ByDominic Fomasi
Date Posted: 10/08/2019 @ 6:39 pm
Closed: 01/08/2020 @ 1:0 am
Posted In: Sebastopol, CA 95472

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