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Bee Hives for Sale

For Sale

Hello everybody,  I have 100 beehives for sale this spring.  You get a box with a bottom board, and a top board.  Inside the box you get 5 frames of bees covering two frames of brood and two frames of pollen and nectar in addition to three empty frames and an in hive feeder.   The queen is newly mated this year and the bees are very healthy.  This is much better and easier than starting off with a package of bees.  Please call or email me if you have further questions.  The hives are available starting mid May and can be either picked up or delivered.  Pricing is $220.00 per hive.

Stewart Jones- (510) 701-6088

Posted ByStewart Jones
Date Posted: 03/26/2019 @ 9:31 pm
Posted In: Berkeley, CA 94705

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