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BARN! Serving Special Needs and Homeless Neighbors in Santa Cruz


Local nonprofit farming outreach for special needs and homeless neighbors needs a barn (or advice/direction towards acquiring one). We are in Santa Cruz

This structure will allow our participants a base for developing their own farm stand, dry herbs/flowers, provide a safe refuge for participants, and host community events (square dances, game nights, etc that promote community interaction)

We’d love a donation (who wouldn’t??!!) but don’t expect one…     however, advice or folks that’d like to be part of a design/build would be great!   Actually, any help would be fantastic and we are completely grateful for donations of any farm supplies for our developing healing farm.

Please reach out via message with any questions or interest.


Posted ByRyan Althaus
Date Posted: 10/31/2017 @ 10:30 am
Posted In: Santa Cruz, CA 95060

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