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assorted young Hens, healthy and gentle $3 to $8

For Sale

$3 small black or grey chicks 1 or 2 months old, I can sell you the whole family for a good price

$6 small, 1 buttercup, most are bantams,  have 15 of them

$8 reg size,

$8 Orf Buffington Chicken large, light yellow, 2 years old, greasy from going under my car, will give it a bath before  sale.    her photo is on the far right

healthy, no disease or mites

all are free range on my property.   I let them run to my neighbors yard but they always come back home to sleep.

I do not have time to take care of them.

My flocks are gentle hens and roosters.  Prefer if you buy 4 or more

I have some 5 months old chickens, not sure if they are hens or roosters yet.

Believe it or not my roosters barely crow.

We are the owners of “snow ball” Silkie mix 5 year old rooster from Flat Broke Farm.  We are not selling him, but willing to give him for free to a good home.  He’s the king and takes good care of the hens.

Price: $6
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Posted Bysunny o
Date Posted: 10/08/2018 @ 5:31 pm
Posted In: Santa Rosa, CA 95407

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