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Apples for cider makers or sauce canners

For Sale

A variety of apples available for canners or cider makers.These are certified organic apples CCOF,all hand picked with some cosmetic or slight damage, no ground apples.The varieties are all mixed maybe 20 varieties in all, should make some complex flavored sauce or cider.
Price is $1.00 lb. 20lb case min.order
Fruit can be picked in at sebastopol Farmers mkt on Sun or LBC farmer mkt on sat. Or at the farm in Occidental.
Supply may not last so get it soon

Price: !.00 lb
Posted ByTed Richardson
Date Posted: 10/08/2019 @ 9:45 pm
Posted In: Occidental, CA 95465

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Daily Acts

5 days ago


Wondering if you have a variety of apple with firm flesh for baking? I need a large quantity for the Daily Acts breakfast on Oct 24th. Thank you!

Ted Richardson

4 days ago


I do have a constant bunch of firm apples and could supply you , but best if you get them sooner and place in frig to maintain crunch. Also it is first come as I want to move them. If you want to talk my phone # is 292-5466

Steve Napolitano

4 days ago


It would be helpfull to know what the specific varietals of apple you are selling. I am a cider maker and often use apples that have specific cider characteristics in my blends. Soome apples are higher in tanic acids, others bitter sharp or sweet, and some aromatic. If you could let us know what your selling it would be helpfull with a varietal list thanks. Steve

Ted Richardson

4 days ago


Hi Steve, There are at least 20 varieties too many to name all mixed. I made hard cider with Cidermaster at ethic cider last yr with such blends and it turned out to be wonderful in his eyes and mine. Varieties range from Honeycrisp , Mutsu, n. Spy Macoun spigolds, jonagold too many to list you can call mine at 292-5466 ted

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