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Agricultural Sales Representative


Interested in representing agricultural sales? This is the job for you! Apply now! https://www.agcareers.com/wilbur-ellis-company/agricultural-sales-representative--el-nido-ca-job-746792.cfm

Responsible for managing current and new customers, assist with proper product selection, maintain and develop profitable customer relationships.


-Willingness to travel
-Experience in retail agronomy industry
-B.S. degree or higher in Agriculture or Business is preferred

Image from Pixabay

Job Title: Agricultural Sales Repreentative
Compensation: Competitive
Company Name: Wilbur-Ellis Company
Posted ByRachel Dyckovsky
Date Posted: 11/08/2019 @ 2:50 pm
Closed: 12/06/2019 @ 1:0 am
Posted In: El Nido, CA 95317

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