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50 Custom-Built Chicken Tractors For Sale

For Sale

Riverdog Farm’s organic pasture raised chickens have upgraded their accommodations. Their old lodgings are now for sale!

The chicken tractors are in excellent shape, sturdy and animal safe. Custom built to last and be moved often throughout pastures. You haul, no delivery.


8 x 12  used metal framed chicken tractors

 19- A Frame structures available. Wood and metal framing, tin roof on 1/2 structure. Whole structure wrapped in thick gage nylon mesh. Open floor for grazing. (as seen on left in image)

30- Hoop Frame structures available. Metal hoops, wood and metal framing. Whole structure wraped in thick gage nylon mesh, covered with plastic. Open floor for grazing. (as seen on right in image)


$300 each, or make an offer for the whole lot.


Contact Erin at Riverdog Farm if interested. More images available on request.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 530-796-3802


Price: $300
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Posted ByRiverdog Farm
Date Posted: 04/24/2018 @ 5:58 pm
Posted In: Guinda, CA 95637

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