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4 babydoll southdown sheep for $250 each, selling as a group

For Sale

Betty is about 3yrs old ewe, might be pregnant.
Bo about 2 yrs old ewe, might be pregnant.
Meatball approx 3 yrs old ram, has had lambs with other sheep but not these.
not at all aggressive with people. Has never been played with.
Valentino about 1.5 yrs old wether.
none are agressive. they’ve been around children, dogs and other livestock a lot. betty in particular is a very nice sheep, friendly and curious. They are used to eating a big variety of feed, including brewer’s grains. I can give you as much of that as you want. The breed was developed to graze vineyards and orchards and be pleasant pets. they can eat a lot of fallen fruit, so then there’s no fruit fly problem. Their fleece is supposed to be the feltiest. These sheep all have tight smooth skin and are easy to shear. They are small sheep and easy to handle.
I’ve moved them in two apple crates or macrobins before. I’ve moved two of them in a passenger car with the passenger seat removed.
This is a great price for the breed, you won’t find them for this price anywhere else. Selling only as a group, so the total is $1k.
If you know what they are, you’re pretty sure you want to buy them, and you have a way to move them, give me a call 510-473-6353

Price: $250
Tagged In: Animals
Posted ByTim Anderson
Date Posted: 05/31/2019 @ 4:21 pm
Posted In: Alameda, CA 94501

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