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12,000 lbs of Potato Impact: Thanks River City Produce, Sac Food Bank, and YOU!


Great work CropMobster Sacramento community! Here's an impact story for you to share:

  We are pleased to report that the recent urgent alert regarding 12,000 pounds of potatoes was a success! This precious food isn't going to waste or to the landfill. Instead, thanks to the leadership of River City Produce, the Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services, and YOU, every one of these spuds will reach those most in need of healthy food.

12,000 lbs of potatoes is roughly 50,000 servings of food!

  Here's how it went down! After Josh Jordan at River City Produce posted the surplus white potatoes on CropMobster Sacramento, many of you shared the alert far and wide. While the taters weren't up to retail standards but still perfectly nutritious, there was a great deal of urgency around finding a good home for this food. Due to this community sharing and "Can Do" attitude the Sacramento Food Bank heard the news and came to the rescue, picking up the potatoes from a warehouse in South Stockton and prepping them for distribution to folks in need of food. This is about community leadership and collaboration! Again big thanks to Josh Jordan of River City Produce for his leadership and for posting his company's surplus on CropMobster Sacramento. And to Erik KintzelMaria Zefo, and the staff and volunteers at the Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services for quickly mobilizing to pick up all 12,000 lbs of potatoes in Stockton, transporting them back to North Sacramento, and bagging them up for distribution. Finally, to all of you in the growing CropMobster Sacramento community: Stories of impact like this are only due to all of you for believing in the mission, rolling up your sleeves and helping make things happen. Thank you and great work! Let's Keep Trucking - Our Call to Action
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  3. Support River City Produce and Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services, and encourage others to do the same!
Talk about a gravy train! Thanks again, everyone.
Original post:

Need feed? Compost? Tons and tons (and tons) of fries?

Hello! I am looking to donate 12,000 pounds of White Potatoes to whoever can come pick them up in South Stockton. Would work great for a food bank or compost/feed. The potatoes are definitely edible, but not the best looking taters I’ve seen. Send me a message via the trader box to the right and let’s talk! Serious inquiries only – We need to donate these potatoes to an operation or organization capable of transporting them! One pickup truck isn’t going to cut it.
Posted ByAdrian Rehn
Date Posted: 07/06/2016 @ 11:40 am
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