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IMPACT: 30 Brown Laying Hens Find Permanent Home | Sonoma Humane Society (Santa Rosa, CA)

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Egg Laying Hens Saved by Sonoma Humane Society & Concerned CropMobsters!

Egg Laying Hens Saved by Sonoma Humane Society & Concerned CropMobsters!

CropMobster and the Sonoma Humane Society would like to report that yesterday’s URGENT DEAL to find a permanent home for 30 Brown Laying Hens is successfully closed.

Within hours of posting this offer, the community mobilized and a new home was found for these productive chickens at risk of being put down.  This is an excellent example of rapid CropMobster response to save healthy, egg-laying and food-producing animals.

Particular thanks are extended to the CropMobster who accepted these hens into his or her home as well as concerned resident Zeena Janowsky MFT who helped facilitate this action with CropMobster and the Sonoma Humane Society

WOW!!! The hens have all been adopted!!! Thank you Zeena for making this connection.

- Carol Rathman, Farm Director, Sonoma Humane Society

About The Sonoma Humane Society

The Sonoma Humane Society has a long and proud history of leading the fight to end overpopulation and rescue, rehabilitate and place thousands of animals into loving homes. Founded in 1931, we are non-profit, charitable organization funded solely with donations from individuals, businesses and foundations.

In 2004, a new 33,000 square foot, state-of-the-art facility was built to provide even more space and necessary services for homeless pets and allowed us to reach out and serve more people and pet owners in the community. The Humane Society’s high level of medical care, socialization and training for the animals of Sonoma County sets us apart from other shelters and is an example of the care every animal needs and deserves.


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